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5 Things I Learned on Sabbatical

In an attempt to give me clarity regarding my new career, my board of directors graciously gave me a sabbatical. Here is what I’ve learned.


God still speaks miraculously

In addition to God’s Word, which remains the clearest and most trustworthy source of communication, I have heard from God through a variety of other means.  Challenging conversations, heartfelt prayers, timely texts, and inspiring dreams have all pointed in the same affirming direction.


Encounter Campus Ministry will be fine 

The current staff at ISU Encounter is stellar. They are godly, mature and competent people.  It is an incredible feeling to know that the ministry in which I have invested 23 years of my life will carry on in my absence.


Reading can teach you stuff 

Who knew? Reading has been a big part of this journey. Books like the “Merged Gospels”, “Start with Why”, “Halftime” and “Beyond the Local Church” have played a huge part in providing clarity for my next season.


 People believe in me

What a lucky man I am.  Over the past few months, I have received an incredible amount of encouragement. Close friends, family and my supportive wife have been amazing. Many of you have told me that I am uniquely positioned for maximum impact in my next 20 years. Thank you. During this faith stretching time, doubts can set in. It has meant the world to me that so many voices from my past have been supportive. Your encouragement means a lot. Thank you to Tim, Brad, Kim, Jamie and many others. You know who you are.


God has something for me to do

In these last 5 months, I have read, prayed and conversed. I have traveled to multiple states, and interviewed many people. I have cried out to God for 9 days on a dock in Canada and filled two journals with notes. Here is what I have concluded: The Gospel is the hope of the world and campus is the springboard. My deepest belief is that each campus has within it a Gospel Movement waiting to be released.  I am committed to this end.


A special shout out goes to the Encounter Board of Directors who believed from the beginning that God was in this and who allowed me the time and space to pursue His plans, my sincerest gratitude!

Because of all of you, I get to serve campuses around the world!

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